The Year That Was


Photo by Camille Siegel

A year has nearly passed since my brother and father-in-law passed away.  They say that it takes a year to come to terms with loss—if you ever really do—you only adapt.

The year 2017 was full of great joy, I found the love of my life, we married and I moved to Paris. All along with this great joy which took me years to find, my brother and my father-in-law were dying. My brother was diagnosed with Kidney cancer and my father-in-law was battling dementia.  Sadly, my brother’s battle was short-lived.  Philip lost his battle within six months of his cancer returning, there was hardly time to say good-bye except via telephone as he didn’t want to see anyone. Even his close friends barely knew, but I knew he was gone when I went into Saint Sulpice in Paris and I looked up, it was like a sign that let me know he was above.

In life, great joy always comes with loss to overshadow the moment.  Almost as if it counterbalances the joy and pain.  What does one learn from such an experience?  I can say that I learned to live in the moment and never take any day for granted.  Live your life to the fullest as you never know when your moment will be lost forever.

The year that was…beautiful joy and tremendous pain.  Equal pillars in a year like no other.  As I approach the year anniversary of my brother’s passing, I reflect on the happy times when we were young, the funny things said and the hilarious moments that I cherish.

Take stock in your life and never forget that with great joy comes pain. Soak up the happiness you find and hold on to it and remember the beauty that is called life.




Brasserie Thoumieux Paris

Photo Brasserie Thoumieux

I was in Paris a few weeks ago visiting my fiancé when he surprised me and took me to a wonderful restaurant that I have always wanted to visit—Brasserie Thoumieux What a great evening and a fantastic meal.



Photo by Camille Siegel

I read about the brasserie about five years ago and every time I went to Paris, it was always booked. Brasserie Thoumieux was a magical step back in time, like the old Belle Époque spots that truly enchant the diner.  We visited the brasserie with friends and ordered the amazing appetizer, “Thoumieux to Share.” What a feast for the senses. So many terrific delicacies to choose from—the sushi and pâté hit the spot in my book. Add in a great bottle of Sancerre and the amazing entrée of butternut grilled salmon—my meal was amazing and complete.

To top off the beautiful evening, when you walk outside you can see the Eiffel Tower, a great way to end a perfect evening with a midnight stroll.


Photo by Camille Siegel

I highly recommend Brasserie Thoumieux if you’re visiting Paris, it will be a memorable evening you will always treasure.

Restaurant Brasserie Thoumieux
79, rue Saint-Dominique
TEL: +33 1 47 05 79 00
SUBWAY: Pont de l’Alma, Invalides, La Tour-Maubourg



Photo by Camille Siegel

I am happy to announce that my debut book, Chaucer’s Chronicles (A Dog’s Story), is now available for purchase in paperback on and in Kindle format.

Chaucer’s Chronicles (A Dog’s Story) is the story of Chaucer, the mutt-extraordinaire and her mad-cap adventures in New York City and her encounters with celebrities and Oscar(R) winners, along with her hilarious tales with friends and family.

You will laugh out loud at Chaucer’s crazy antics, sassy attitude, and be moved by her battle and determination with cancer.

I hope you will enjoy my first book, it was a joy writing it.

By Camille Siegel




Photo by Camille Siegel

August is usually my least favorite month due to the humid weather in New York City, but August 23rd at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, home of the Boss, proved to be a night to remember.

The Boss was in town, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band ruled the night.

Along with perfect temperatures of no humidity and cool weather that made it one night to remember, the Boss and his great band set the evening on fire with a near four-hour long show, one of the longest he’s ever put on in my recollection. Having seen Bruce many times over the years, I have always been amazed at his ability to play for over three hours and keep up that level of energy and brilliant guitar playing, not to mention his voice is still amazing at the age of 66. He truly is unreal.

The River Tour was a real crowd pleaser, no one wanted to leave. When the night ended, we walked off into the moonlight singing Bruce tunes all night long, like “spirits in the night.”



Photo by Camille Siegel

Set list:

  1. New York City Serenade (with strings)
    Wrecking Ball
    3. Badlands
    4. Something in the Night
    5. The Ties That Bind
    6. Sherry Darling
    7. Spirit in the Night
    8. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
    9. Independence Day
    10. Hungry Heart
    11. Out in the Street
    12. Growing Up
    13. You Can Look But You Better Not Touch
    14. Death to my Hometown
    15. Mansion on the Hill
    16. Jack of All Trades (with string section)
    17. My Hometown
    18. The River
    19. American Skin (41 Shots)
    20. The Promised Land
    21. Working on the Highway
    22. Darlington County
    23. Because the Night
    24. She’s the One
    25. Brilliant Disguise
    26. The Rising
    27. Land Of Hope and Dreams
    28. Jungleland
    29. Born to Run
    30. Dancing in the Dark
    31. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
    32. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
    33. Shout
    34. Bobby Jean
    35. Jersey Girl



In all the years I spent going to the beach while I lived in Florida back in the day, I never ended up with blotchy sun spots.

Flash forward into my 40s and I spend some time in Florida visiting my family and a day at the beach turns into a long nightmare of sun spots on my face. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

I proceeded to the dermatologist who informed me that I would need to bleach my face to remove the ugly spots but it would cost me a lot of money—and it’s not covered by insurance. Help! A quick solution was necessary!

My grandmother worked for Estée Lauder for 30 years and I grew up amongst the products in my house. So I proceeded to the Clinique counter and purchased Clinique Even Better Clinical™ Dark Spot Corrector

This amazing product has the power to bring about results that are equal to a prescription. As the weeks passed, my skin became less dark with spots and transformed into better skin. Further, being allergy tested and 100% fragrance free makes for a great solution for my sensitive skin.

I highly recommend Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. You will be very happy with the results.


Remember when your mom said to you, “don’t scrunch up your face,” when you were young?  Well, I should have listened. She always said, “keep on scrunching up your face and you’re going to get wrinkles.”  When you’re 12 years old, you can’t imagine that this would become a reality when you’re 49.

I now have a deep wrinkle in the middle of my face between my eyebrows, the exact place my mother predicted a million years ago. But lo and behold, along comes a fantastic product by L’Oreal Paris called RevitaLift® Miracle Blur Oil-Free. This amazing product, which has been around for some time, only recently fell into my hands.


Cheaper than botox, which I can’t afford, and I imagine less painful, this product actually does erase the look of deep wrinkles, lines and pores. My sister swore that I had “fixed” my deep wrinkle with botox, which really cracked me up laughing. Of course, she didn’t believe me, but that’s a whole different story.

I highly recommend RevitaLift® Miracle Blur Oil-Free for actually delivering on its promise, and also reminding me that I should have listened to my mother’s  words of wisdom.

See link for further information on the L’Oreal site:


Last night, I was at an advanced screening at the Scandinavian House in NYC to see the film Louder than Bombs. The film’s director, Joachim Trier, who is Norwegian, was there to answer questions after the show.

The film focuses on the relationship between a father, played by the wonderful and mesmeric Gabriel Byrne, and his two sons, played by Jesse Eisenberg and Devin Druid, who both give a moving performance as well. The movie takes place in the present and with flashbacks, and deals with the aftermath of their mother’s death, played by the enigmatic French actress, Isabelle Huppert.

The story examines in great detail the fragmented dysfunction that exists in many families, as well as how they cope with the untimely suicide of their mother. Gabriel Byrne’s character is left with the daunting task of trying to guide his moody and sullen teenage son out of his computerized world, while also dealing with his older son’s denial.

An extraordinary cast of brilliant actors help to portray the complexities of this fractured family.

This powerful movie will stay with you long after you have departed the theater.

Louder than Bomb’s website for further information:

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