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Remember when your mom said to you, “don’t scrunch up your face,” when you were young?  Well, I should have listened. She always said, “keep on scrunching up your face and you’re going to get wrinkles.”  When you’re 12 years old, you can’t imagine that this would become a reality when you’re 49.

I now have a deep wrinkle in the middle of my face between my eyebrows, the exact place my mother predicted a million years ago. But lo and behold, along comes a fantastic product by L’Oreal Paris called RevitaLift® Miracle Blur Oil-Free. This amazing product, which has been around for some time, only recently fell into my hands.


Cheaper than botox, which I can’t afford, and I imagine less painful, this product actually does erase the look of deep wrinkles, lines and pores. My sister swore that I had “fixed” my deep wrinkle with botox, which really cracked me up laughing. Of course, she didn’t believe me, but that’s a whole different story.

I highly recommend RevitaLift® Miracle Blur Oil-Free for actually delivering on its promise, and also reminding me that I should have listened to my mother’s  words of wisdom.

See link for further information on the L’Oreal site:



Last night, I was at an advanced screening at the Scandinavian House in NYC to see the film Louder than Bombs. The film’s director, Joachim Trier, who is Norwegian, was there to answer questions after the show.

The film focuses on the relationship between a father, played by the wonderful and mesmeric Gabriel Byrne, and his two sons, played by Jesse Eisenberg and Devin Druid, who both give a moving performance as well. The movie takes place in the present and with flashbacks, and deals with the aftermath of their mother’s death, played by the enigmatic French actress, Isabelle Huppert.

The story examines in great detail the fragmented dysfunction that exists in many families, as well as how they cope with the untimely suicide of their mother. Gabriel Byrne’s character is left with the daunting task of trying to guide his moody and sullen teenage son out of his computerized world, while also dealing with his older son’s denial.

An extraordinary cast of brilliant actors help to portray the complexities of this fractured family.

This powerful movie will stay with you long after you have departed the theater.

Louder than Bomb’s website for further information:

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Louder than Bomb’s website for further information: