April 2015 was a roaring month, I purchased three tickets for The Who for their October concert. I was jumping for joy. Flash forward to October 2015 and I am getting stoked to go see The Who at Madison Square Garden, only to receive an e-mail from Ticketmaster that the shows would be postponed until 2016 with dates to be determined because Roger Daltrey was suffering from viral meningitis.  My first thought was “OMG, I hope Roger gets better right away, we are all rooting for him.” Second thought, “I’m so bummed the concert is postponed!”

Well the show was rescheduled for March 3, 2016, it seemed like forever from last October. But I can tell you it was more than WORTH THE WAIT!
Roger came back roaring in full swing and blew us all away with his voice and sheer energy of determination to sing from the heart—not an empty seat in the house! The vibe inside the Garden was palpable.  Pete Townsend was a force to be reckoned with, the power of the cords as he cranked up the windmill licks on the guitar.  The music was pulsating and the rock and roll eclectic sound in the air was magnetic. Another nod to the backup band from the great drummer Zak Starkey (he does daddy Ringo proud), and Pino Palladino and Simon Townsend round out the greatness of The Who.
The concert amazed me with the retrospective of songs from “The Seeker” “Baba O’Riley” and  “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” among others (full set list below).
The Who hits 50 could have been 20-year-olds cranking it out but 72-year-old Roger and 70-year-old Pete proved once again you’re never too old for rock and roll! These guys still amaze me after all these years and all the shows I have seen them play. In the end, nothing compares to The Who!
The Who at Madison Square Garden, March 3, 2016
1. “Who Are You”
2. “The Seeker”
3. “The Kids Are Alright”
4. “I Can See for Miles”
5. “My Generation”
6. “The Real Me”
7. “Pictures of Lily”
8. “Behind Blue Eyes”
9. “Bargain”
10 “Join Together”
11. “You Better You Bet”
12. “I’m One”
13. “The Rock”
14. “Love, Reign O’er Me”
15. “Eminence Front”
16. “Amazing Journey”
17. “Sparks”
18. “Pinball Wizard”
19. “See Me, Feel Me”
20. “Baba O’Riley”
21. “Won’t Get Fooled Again”



PHOTOS by Camille Siegel

(C) 2016 Chaucer’s Corner




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