Last night,  I rewatched the movie, Woman in Gold on DVD. Woman in Gold, starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds, is a fascinating, true exploration in a dark period of history, with a triumphant outcome in the end.
The true story follows Maria Altmann’s journey to reclaim what is rightfully hers from the Austrian government 60 years after she and her husband were forced to flee during World War II.  Helen Mirren brings a class-act performance to Maria’s determination and unwavering resolve.
The story centers around the famous Gustav Klimt painting of Maria’s aunt, Adele Bloch-Bauer, “The Woman in Gold” and Maria’s determination to bring restitution to her family who were so cruelly wronged during the war.
With the help of a plucky and unseasoned lawyer, E.Randol (Randy) Schoenberg (just goes to show you, what he lacked in background for this job, he made up for it in determination and an amazing connection to Austria), the grandson of composers Arnold Schoenberg and Eric Zeisl,  he takes it upon himself to bring this case to its final conclusion all the way up to the Supreme Court with a resolution that will leave you cheering in your seat, as was the case the first time I saw the film at the Paris Theater in New York City on a Saturday night.  A triumphant outcome! 
Not only was the movie beautifully shot by director Simon Curtis, he captures the spirit of Vienna in the early days before the war and in modern times. You can almost smell the strudel and coffee coming from the old Viennese cafes. What a delight!
Finally!  Justice for those who were wronged all those years ago.  



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